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mSecure Development Priorities

This is part of a response from mSecure in a different post - I thought it would be useful to see the current development priorities under Feature requests:

  1. iOS 12 Auto-Fill implementation - This should be out soon with the iOS 12
  2. Dark mode implementation for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - Will be available soon with the Mojave release
  3. Bug fixes for all platforms - We have updates planned for all platforms this month to address various bug fixes and implement a few features
  4. Sign in email notifications - Available soon
  5. Browser plugins/extensions - in development
  6. Android Tablet optimization - Planned for a big update in the future
  7. Account info sharing options - Down the road
  8. Team/group options - Down the road
  9. Emergency contact options - Down the road
  10. Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road
  11. Android 8 Auto-Fill implementation - Down the road (Android 8 and 8.1 are currently only on 14.6 percent of Android devices)
My vote would be to concentrate on #10 (Grouping and Tagging) - not interested in anything else on the list

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for creating this post. You aren't even interested in bug fixes though? :-P

Yes - bug fixes I guess get highest priority - especially if they have even the slightest impact on security - although to be honest I haven't come across anything on Windows or iOS that I would regard as a bug

I agree with Andy.  Browser plugin/extension...this will just drain resources away from getting mSecure 5.x back to the functionality and speed of mSecure 3/4.  Restore *all* of the previous versions features then add stuff like "Team/group options" whatever that means.  This is a software for the person (hint:  person) to store their passwords.  How on earth would a group/team use this software??  Anyway, tackle bugs and security always first.

Hi Matt,

Beyond the ability to remove custom icons on iOS/Mac, what features is mSecure 5 missing? Please note that there are features that will likely simply not be carrying over, ever, such as the ability to change the record type of a record and(or) Airdrop support.

Hi Andy,

I'd like to make a case for moving #8 - Team/group options to your dev backlog for 2 reasons.

  1. Estate planning - MSecure is primarily used by individuals, but I've encountered two cases this year (unfortunately) in which I needed to track down various passwords for family members who were not in a position to manage some of their online accounts.  I have power of attorney, but that doesn't make password resets any easier in many cases. Having a subset of passwords available as a "family team" would allow users to have a viable "emergency plan" in place in case of unfortunate circumstances, while keeping some passwords that family members don't need to know about confidential.
  2. Dev Teams - Yes, I work in software, and we have a bunch of passwords in play for our various environments and client engagements. It'd be great if we had a better place to manage these. I'd pay for the licenses for the team if this was available.

Of course, in both cases, there would need to be a method to manage access as team members join and leave.

Thanks for making an awesome product!

Hi John,

Andy is just an mSecure user (a great one) and does not work here at mSeven Software. With that said, we are currently working primarily on implementing a browser extension/plugin and a robust sharing feature. Our sharing feature will allow you to both provide a subset of records to family and coworkers (Dev teams). 

Here's a preview of how our Sharing options work. Please note that this is an early example. We will be working on refining the look and feel of this as we continue to polish the feature:

You will be able to invite users to share "Collections" of records and provide the user with either a read, write, or admin privilege . Read privilege will make it so that a user can only view the record. Read privileges will not allow a user to edit or remove a record. A write privilege has the read privileges in addition to being able to edit and remove the record. A Write privileged user cannot change a record's Collection and has no ability to make changes to the "Collections" sharing properties. Lastly, the Admin privilege has all the read and write privileges and can also change the "Collections" properties by changing the name of the collection, deleting the collection, and adding and removing users from the collection sharing. Admin user can also change a record's collection as well. 

This sharing feature will help immensely - thanks for the update!

So each record can be assigned to zero, one or many collections?

Does this work only when using the mSecure cloud - presumably these secondary users do not need mSecure installed or a copy of the database? Would this work with a WiFi master database?

Does the master user retain complete admin authority for all collections (or do you have to create another user who has to be assigned a role and access when using the plug-in)?

Hi Andy, 

Great questions here. 

  1. No, each record can only be assigned to a single collection at this time. You'd have to make duplicate records if you are wanting to share a record in multiple collections.
    • I'm not sure if this has been discussed here at mSeven Software. I'll bring this up in our next meeting to see if this might be changed. I can see having to make duplicates being an issue because then you could have records in different collections, those records could have their password's changed, and it'd be up to you to make sure to keep up with any record updates manually.
  2. Yes, sharing will require using our mSecure Cloud syncing. All users must be using mSecure Cloud syncing in order to be able to share any records.
  3. All users will need to use mSecure and have an mSecure account in order to be able to share records
    • You can share your collection or add a user with any email address. If the email address has an account, they will simply get a notification of the invite. If the email address does not have an account, they will be invited to download mSecure 5 and create an account in order to accept the invite.
  4. Our sharing feature will not work with WiFi syncing
  5. The owner (master user) retains owner and admin privileges for the collections they create. However, if the owner adds someone as an Admin, that admin can then remove the owner as well. Only the most trusted of users should be set as Admins for collections.
  6. You mentioned the plugin in the end. Our browser plugins will work with any sync feature and are separate from the sharing feature. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions about either feature here.

Thanks - not something I would use as I'm reluctant to rely on the mSecure cloud but I can see why you would do it that way.

My bet is that you will end up with irritated users if you don't allow a many-to-many relationship between records and collections - but hopefully others who would actually use the function will join in and give their opinion.

Yes, count me out also. I’m not using mSecure cloud for the data I Store in mSecure. Apple iCloud protection is a better bet for me. Big company, resources, etc. I used to think mSeven listened to its customers but I’ve been proven wrong too much. Sharing and collaborate, great ideas but not for how I need and want to use a password manager. Somewhat oxymoronic if you think about it.

Hi Matt,

Our syncing methods all share the same methods and levels of encryption and security. Whether you use our syncing method or WiFi syncing, no one is going to be able to get your 45 character account key or be able to unencrypt it in order to access your information either locally on your device or in any system online. I'm happy to go over our security here if needed. All that said, we are not requiring users to use our sharing features nor switch to using mSecure Cloud syncing now nor in the future. mSecure Cloud syncing simply provides a perfectly centralized system to set up the roles, acls, and security needed for the sharing features to work. 

We did make a mistake in the past not listening to the WiFi (smallest but most vocal) and iCloud/Dropbox crowd. That was a mistake and we are still sorry about initially releasing mSecure 5 without those additional sync options. We've apologized about that in the past and I'm happy to do that here again. However, this is not the same. If you could let me know how we are currently not listening to you, our customer, I'd be happy to take that feedback to others in her the company to improve our product and our roadmap as well.

To recap what we are working on currently:

  1. iOS 12 Auto-Fill implementation - This should be out soon with the iOS 12
  2. Dark mode implementation for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - Will be available soon with the Mojave release
  3. Bug fixes for all platforms - We have updates planned for all platforms this month to address various bug fixes and implement a few features
  4. Sign in email notifications - Available soon
  5. Browser plugins/extensions - in development
  6. Android Tablet optimization - in development
  7. Account info sharing options - in development
  8. Team/group options - in development 
  9. Emergency contact options - Down the road (planning phases. To be worked on after the sharing feature)
  10. Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road
  11. Android 8 AutoFill implementation - in development

Beyond the initial features mentioned on this topic, we are also currently working on (all currently in development):

  1. Ability to remove custom icons (iOS and Mac)
  2. Security Center for Windows
  3. Better/more password generator options
  4. Ability to move or re-order custom fields in records
  5. PDF attachments on all platforms (Ideally, I'd like to have all file attachment possible with a size limit)
  6. Attachment export options (possibility displaying file names to easily tell difference between multiple PDF or other file attachments)
  7. Adding back the ability to change record type for a record
  8. Implementing a Security Center feature to provide security alerts
  9. Adding a OTP field option
  10. Return to being able to tap once to view or copy fields on mobile versions instead of the multiple taps currently needed
  11. Better/more sync information after a sync

And these are features we are looking into for the future as well:

  • Dark mode. (iOS/Android)  
  • Allow user to specify which types/groups show up in navigation pane
  • Advanced search options 
  • Import from Apple Keychain, Firefox, Chrome, Dashlane options
  • Duplicate password detection in edit record. If the user creates/edits a record and uses a password already in use, it should show some text indicating that it's a duplicate. 
  • Record linking. It would be great, for example, to associate records with credit cards that are used for auto-payments. If the credit card expires and is no longer valid, the user could view the credit card record and see all of the records (logins, memberships, etc) that are using that credit card for auto-pay and be able to more easily update each. 
  • Credit card expiration date reminder
  • Password expiration notifications
  • Password history
  • Password history for master password. Similar to the password history feature, this feature will show the user the history of changes for the mSecure master password.
  • Better CSV import. Other apps don't have specific exports like 1password and Dashlane but most seem to have CSV export. The problem with CSV is that it's not very structured. Instead of having the user figure out how to all of the data in the right columns, when a user imports a CSV file, they will get a better UI that allows them to dynamically specify where the information will go into mSecure.
  • Device management Ability to remove access to mSecure for specific devices
  • Additional Two factor authentication (considering offering Yubikey support)
  • Compact View on Mac and Windows (This compact would not be the Excel/Spreadsheet view some are wanting to return to)

All these features are based on user feedback mostly through our email support system and the the Feature Request section here on this forum. Please let me know if you disagree, hate, or dislike any of these upcoming feature or planned features. We would also be happy to hear from you exactly what features you'd like us to work on, fix, or upgrade in our app as well. 

Not sure if you were looking for feedback on the plans but here goes:

Here are my top three requests-

"Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road"  I'm disappointed this is not a higher priority as its the number one feature that would make mSecue even more useful for me.

Its useable today but once your passwords get into the hundreds in would make everything faster if there was a way to have multiple, dynamic groups of easily accessible "favourites".

"PDF attachments on all platforms (Ideally, I'd like to have all file attachment possible with a size limit)". I'm sure many people use mSecure as more than a simple password manager and this would go a long way to make this possible (storing ID cards, insurance documents, passport, rsa key files etc etc).

I don't see any features that would make mSecure more suitable for those geos where financial organizations require entry of selected characters from a password (for example if your password is "MYPASSWORD123" they might want characters 2,4 and 6 so you enter "Y","A" and "S"). Currently this can only be done by counting characters - or maybe splitting the password into groups of characters - but a simple format change in the app would simplify things.

I don't care about anything else on the list.

Hopefully the "smallest but most vocal" group of users can continue to impact your development priority.

And as Matt said 11 months ago "Browser plugin/extension...this will just drain resources"

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