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Browser plugins or extensions

I believe competitive Password Managers have a Chrome extension so that usernames and passwords are entered automatically (or at least prompted) when going to a site that mSecure contains the credentials for.

It would be great if mSecure had that as well. 

It would be even greater if that worked with mobile Chrome on iOS.

I see the current iOS extension but it only works with Safari, and it requires that I remember that my password is stored there (no auto-prompt), then click Share, then click the mSecure option. That's a lot to remember and not exactly intuitive (I'm not sharing). So the current functionality could be improved upon to be useful.

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Hi Mike,

Email sent to, thanks!

No problem @Jon. I just sent a response to you via email.


I am amazed, you are going to do a Browser plug in that you admit does not solve the problem - i.e. will not work on Linux.  

I work on my R Pi and Linux a lot and typing in passwords on different websites etc is a pain.  

I do agree though that a part solution is to choose passwords that are long, and secure,  but easy to read and type in correct.  I like making up sed words that sound a bit like they miht mean something and stringing a few together. 

I wonder if there could be some way to send passwords to Linux that did not require the full facility and was better than copy paste into an email which I do resort to sometimes.

When will the Chrome extension be avail?  ASAP pls.

@Frans Getting the browser extensions ported over to Windows is always high on our priorities, but that project is taking longer than we had hoped. At this time, unfortunately, I don't have any timeframe as to when it will be supported, but I can tell you it is in process. The problem is, we may have to wait until we port mSecure's architecture out of the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) before it will be able to be implemented. We're working on making it possible with the current architecture, but we're just not sure if it's going to be feasible as of yet. 

Hi Premal,

Thank you for contacting us. We have not released any browser plugins or extensions. There is no mSecure extension to find on the Chrome Web Store or FireFox Add-ons website.

nothing new here? it has been promised for sooooooo long. really like msecure, but due to lack of updates i am considering switching to lastpass.

yes, a firefox extension on windows 10 would be great!


Don't forget Opera browser .

I am a new user and overall like the product.  Especially that it is not a subscription based model.  However, I am quite surprised that there are not browser extensions 

for Chrome and Brave.  Are you still working toward finishing these?  If so, what is the ETA?  It honestly makes me want to look for another password management software.

Just being honest.

Hi Lee,

We are very close to our first beta release for version 6, so the full release is getting close. At this time, we don't have a concrete release date, but it will be as soon as possible.

I have just flirted with migrating to Dashlane, Keeper, and NordPass. NordPass has the nicest UI, but still doesn't match mSecure's UI. The killer feature of the others is the browser extension - love that! Particularly when it's bi-directional i.e. includes auto-save. But for the basic necessities, mSecure thoroughly beats them, IMHO.

I am as impatient as everyone else here to get the browser extension feature - and I would happily pay for the upgrade - mSecure 6? - and/or take part in a beta test for Edge, Firefox and Safari (I'm a mac user). However, I would say the workaround of fingerprint ID to open and then copy and paste, is eminently... workable.

On the other hand, some of the competition don't handle non-website, app login records very well and in some cases, don't handle website security Q&A at all - for which there is no convenient workaround. And, you pay a subscription for the privilege!

So yes, to the mSecure team - please hurry up and release browser extensions. To the mSecure faithful, don't fret too much - from what I can see, the grass isn't really greener on the other side, but you will pay more for it!

Hi Dave,

Thank you for contacting us! The good news is, the browser extensions are implemented in mSecure 6, so they will be available when it's released. However, they will only be available for the Mac platform at the first release of v6, and they will be supported in the Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers (Edge support comes for free since it is simply a reskinned version of Chrome).  For Safari, we have implemented the MacOS Safari AutoFill feature for first release.

At the time of release, we will have not tested support for the Chrome extension in the Brave web browser, but it should be fully compatible if what Brave claims about running Chrome-based extensions is true. You should be able to simply install the mSecure Chrome extension, and everything should just work. As development continues in the future, I'm sure we'll be adding more support for other browsers, but for now, we're only concentrating on a select few.

As for an ETA, we are very, very close to the first beta release for v6, so the public release won't be far behind. If you would like to sign up for beta testing, please email us at, and we'll get you added to the list.

Hi David,

I'm not sure why making a browser plugin that does not solve a problem that we are not wanting to solve is amazing. I personally love Linux and use Ubuntu/Mint for personal use. However, as a company, we have never been Linux oriented developers. Our browser plugin will require the computer software so that our browser plugin does not have to communicate directly with our servers this will ensure a much more secure extension/plugin and also ensure that all sync methods (mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud, WiFi, or disabled) can use the feature. 

Hi Mike, thank you very much for your prompt reply!  Is there a release date for v6?  Will it be a free upgrade?

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