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Linux Desktop

 Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum, but a long time Msecure user. I couldn't find any reference to Linux in the Forum discussions, so I'd like to request a Linux version of Msecure desktop. I can't bring myself to install Windows 10 and of course Msecure Desktop doesn't install on XP. But I've been migrating to Linux, and would love to take Msecure 5 with me. Thanks

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 Thank You for requesting the linux version! +1 from me


My workaround to the problem of no linux support ;-) has been to install Oracle Virtual box to run Windows (as a guest OS) on my  linux host, and simply install/run msecure on the virtual Windows. That works fine (also for msecure wifi syncs, which is what I use to sync my Android phone). Of course this requires a WindowsOS license for when you install Windows as the guest OS...

If this seems a crumby solution, note that it also solves the problem for other hardware that does not  provide Linux support (e.g. my Samsung phone!)

+1 for Linux (Raspberry Pi)

I'm considering migrating from Windows 10 to Linux Mint and the only thing holding me back now is mSecure. I've been using mSecure via local sync to share secure information (bank, credit card, login, etc) with my wife. We're still using mSecure 4 on our phones and 3.5 on our Windows machines. We would very much like a Linux version of mSecure, which we'll gladly pay for.

+1 for Linux (Pop!OS/Ubuntu)

Just an update - I exchanged some messages with Mike; they were interested in getting me the details I needed in order to write something (like the key derivation function and parameters they’re using), but they were also pretty busy with the 6.1 release at the time. I’ll check back in with them after 6.1’s out the door. Just to set expectations, though - I’m not planning to release anything without their approval, and they haven’t said anything along those lines yet. So this might come to nothing… but we can hope. :-)

+3 for Linux,  my son, my daughter and myself,  all use Linux as our primary desktop OS.  Thanks

+1 for Linux version.  Thanks!

@Rob Thank you for contacting us about Linux functionality! This might be doable, but I would need to talk to our developer first. The security model is open to anyone and the AES-256 encryption algorithm is open source, so it should be possible to create a simple client app if you were inclined to do so. I think the easiest way to do this would be to start with Dropbox syncing, because that requires no interaction with either our mSecure Cloud server or another desktop mSecure app. You would simply be connecting to your Dropbox account, downloading the sync file, and then creating everything needed to decrypt the data. Once done, then you would simply need to re-encrypt the data and upload to your Dropbox account in order to sync any changes you made to the other mSecure apps.

Let me talk to our developer about this. And for anyone listening in on this thread, do know there are no guarantees we'll be able to make this work, and also, this is only for @Rob, as whatever client app he might create will not be sanctioned by mSeven Software. That should all be obvious, but I just didn't want to get everyone's hopes up =)

If you could Rob, please email us at "" and we'll continue the discussion via email.

+1... (just moved from Windows to Linux for my desktop machine).  But since a Linux version isn't a priority (understandably!) -- @Mike, is there any chance the synchronization protocol is documented somewhere?  I'd be open to writing a simple client, depending on how complex the protocol is.  (I've done some security-critical dev work in the past, and I think I understand some of the dangers involved.)

Just adding another voice—I support the need for a Linux solution from mSecure. I would prefer a native desktop app of some kind, but I would also be happy with just a web-based system or even some official help with a Wine solution (would Proton help?)

I would like to add my voice to getting a Linux version of mSecure desktop. 

Just a point to consider once you have a desktop for Linux it would then appear in the software manager which would then help push your software to a whole group of untapped users.

Adding another +1 to the web-based integration. I would also still request a Snap, an Appimage, an anything for Linux; The Wifi sync would be much nicer for my use case to have on a machine that is on all the time, I normally don't keep multiple of my machines running at once.

Just another voice here - from Germany - from a long-standing MSecure user, who also just subscribed to the premium plan - who would welcome a Ubuntu / Linux client. Me too migrated away from Windows 10 recently as my, older, PC hardware is no longer supported by the latest Windows 11 (TPM 2.0 chip crap). Because of how I understand how software application works, I would also welcome a - secure - web client which works on FireFox., but also understand that won't happen immediately.

 A web client would be handy - even as just a read-only way of viewing the data. For me a native Linux app is a nice-to-have but mostly because I find it such a faff entering/editing data on a smartphone or tablet and like a proper big keyboard!

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