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access to msecure on new iPhone

I apologize for the multiple inquiries regarding my issue.  I'm anxious for your reply.  I held an msecure account on an iPhone 5.  I transferred (via cloud) my data to a new Android phone in October, 2017.  I just replaced my Android phone with an iPhone 8.  First, I can't open my msecure account (despite logging on with the appropriate username and password).  Msecure has not sent me an authentication code to verify my app/msecure account on my iPhone.  Second, I'm hoping that I can download the data I saved in the msecure cloud via my Android phone to the app/msecure account on my new iPhone.  Please advise.     

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Hi Craig,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. The way our security system works, you should have received the authentication email after you first signed in to your mSecure account. We have found that for some customers the email gets placed in either a spam/junk folder or some other folder in their email app do to rules set up to automatically route incoming emails. Make sure to run a search in your email app to see if you can find an email with the subject: "". Be sure to run a search specifically from inside your spam folder as some apps omit this folder when searching for emails.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to find your mSecure Authentication email, there is no way for mSeven Software to resend it to you. In order to maintain the security of your account, we do not have the information needed to retrieve your account key. The only way to resend the Authentication email is for the owner of the account to resend it from the Account Settings from within the mSecure app.

You can go here to learn how to resend the authentication email on all devices if you still have access to your mSecure account in mSecure 5 on a device: 

I'm not sure I completely follow though, have you forgotten your mSecure account password or are you just needing your QR code or authentication email? Also, do you still have access to mSecure 5 on your Android device? You can always change your mSecure account password within the app itself if needed:

I have had mSecure since the beginning of its lunch and never had a problem until now . I paid for the new upgrade to version five and 2017 but never received the upgrade. How come it’s not automatic update in Apple store ? Make it a lot easier than sending us to some strange website to download the mSecure 5.

Hi Susan,

mSecure 5 is a completely separate app. We did that as to not force users to upgrade if they did not want to. I'm not sure what strange website you're trying to go to download mSecure 5 though. mSecure 5 can be downloaded from the Apple app stores, Google Play Store, and the Microsoft Store.


Paid users simply have to sign in to the mSecure account they created and used to purchase an mSecure 5 license. I would recommend starting with mSecure 5 on a device that has the previous versions installed so that mSecure 5 can walk you through the migration process: Otherwise, you can always restore from a .msim backup file created in the previous versions:

Note: I could not find an mSecure account for the email address you are using on this website so I could not verify that you have an mSecure 5 license. 

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