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Request to Downgrade back to 5.x Pro

I don't mind paying for upgrades per major version but not a monthly plan/yearly plan.

Example 4. x to 5. x

I logged into my computer today and noticed that 6.0 was installed on my machine automatically without my permission.  I understand that since I paid for 5.x Pro I get the stripped-down features of mSecure 6.0 for free.  What this tells me is that once 7.0 comes out my data will be a hostage to upgrade or lose my data.  No Thanks!

I don't do monthly or yearly plans because they stack up easy and I can't keep track they always end up charging me at the worst possible time and I occur a $32 bank fee.

I would rather pay by the version so I decide when to update, AKA: (When I get paid and think your software is worth it.)  With this new pricing plan, you are taking this out of my hands.  So I am forced to take it back by finding another software to use.

I never upgrade to the cutting edge until all the bugs are worked out...  For Example the 6.0

- The Record Editor Fields do not align up correctly on larger screens.

- The Light and Dark Options are Crap compared to 4.x and 5.x versions...

- Forced Premium Trial - No Way to Cancel out of it.. Adds extra crap in the way that I don't need.

- Several of my Records Crash the Software on PC but works fine on my Apple Phone.

I loved your software with my experience 4.x and 5.x and have suggested it to many of my students in the Army where I teach 25B (Information Technology Specialist) MOS.  No Referral because of profiting rules.... but I was glad to recommend it. 400/700 Students a year for the past 4 years. (Your software was a great example of easy it could be to keep up with tons of passwords, without having to recall any of them...)  Many people use one password for everything and a huge security risk.

With the new pricing plan, I will not be referring anyone else and I will not be using your software past the trial version.  I also will be sending past students to ditch the software once I find a suitable solution.  Even if I have to learn C++ and QT ( Open Source and build it myself.

I am so pissed off I could scream!!!

You could have at least given me the opportunity to upgrade when I wanted to instead of being thrust into bug-ridden software and forced to swim.

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I was able to successfully standup Bitwarden RS on a RPi3B.  I'm currently working to import my data.  The only issue that I am having is that I cannot connect to it from my mobile device nor from the desktop client.  I can successfully access it from my desktop browser only.  I'll have to ask a few questions on the Bitwarden forum to see what is going wrong.  


You have to port the self-signed certificate to each device.  If you followed the tutorial on self-signed-ca-cert.crt

If you using IOS, you can port them to Google Drive, then AirDrop to your family..

You got to get into the files directory, then "VPN/Manage Certs" to approve them then "Trusts" to enable them... After all, restart your device and enjoy.

If you need help, catch me on discord

@Bob I can help you with getting the issue resolved, and, if you don't feel your data is safe, I can help you with getting refund for the subscription you purchased. If you would like help in either way or both, please let me know.

@Mike Reilley. I would be quite happy to stay on v5 AND pay for basic periodic or annual updates. My fear is Apple breaks mSecure v5 with an OS upgrade and you don't cover repair for your legacy App. Add to that, giving me a window of 3 years to what effectively will be "End of Life," is just telling me that I might as well quit now and migrate before I add any more data to the App and complications pile up. (By the way, even if no annual update proved necessary, I would happily pay an annual "insurance" of, say, around $20) I would have thought you will get enough Users like me who are happy with the basics and will give you the revenue to justify doing that. The option could also give you the chance to attract a 'starter' pool of new users that you might then be able to tempt to upgrade)


I just found out that Bitwardenrs is NOT an official Bitwarden product.  I'll re-examine my use of this.  I may have to look at standing up an on-prem server.


@Peter Thank you for the feedback. It's not possible to downgrade to mSecure 5, since mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to that app. The reason it's not possible to downgrade is because v5 is now actually mSecure 6 in the stores, if that makes sense.

Also, can you let me know why 3 years is effectively "End of Life"? I realize that you won't purchase subscription, but I also think it's unlikely you will have to pay for one when 3 years has elapsed. We aren't guaranteeing Essentials for 3 years and then guaranteeing you'll have to pay for Essentials. What we're saying is we have a business that needs to generate revenue, and forever is a very long time. 3 years seems to be a long guarantee in our minds, and there is nothing right now that would make us charge after the time is up.

One thing to mention, regardless of when you would decided to move to a different app, if you choose to do so, you will have to export your data in the same way whether it's now or later with 100+ new records. It won't be more difficult to move to another app in the future than it is now. I'm not saying this to win you or anyone else over to the mSecure 6 business model. I understand the philosophical problems, and I don't want to try to change anyone's mind on that. Just as a thought, however, we are offering mSecure 6 for 3 years guaranteed at no cost, so maybe it could be something to take advantage of and then see if there is a need to move as we get closer to that time having elapsed.

What the heck is going on with mSecure??????

Auto updated without my permission on my iPhone, now I can’t sync with my Desktop.  I can’t update mSecure on my desktop because of hardware limitations.

So that leaves me with with choosing a different password manager requiring a hundred or more hours of effort to move it over.
Or I have to buy a new computer and pray and hope that mSecure works out the bugs. But that require 100% faith in mSecure to be able fix any bugs running on Apple M1.  Never mind the  $2,500 out of my pocket, ( and 5 week wait due to out of stock)  just because some idiot programmer decided to force this upgrade on everyone with no notice.  That’s one way to really piss people off.  Do you realize we have passwords for our retirement accounts in there, and you have the nerve to pull the rung out from under out feet. What happens when we are traveling, and you do such recklessness, and now risk our ability to move $ our of the market during a down turn?  Is there anyone with any common sense still working at mSecure, or are you all a bunch of pot heads, and don’t have a clue about the real world ramifications?

COMMON SENSE would be to NOT FORCE an Auto update.   Common sense would have been an email, 3 to 6+ months prior.   I’d gladly pay the $$ to stay on version 5, instead of the new version 6 which will most certainly be full of bugs, never mind risking loosing access to all my passwords.

I am a totally pissed off customer to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!

@Steve you've joined the club. Be prepared to wait on an answer. At this point I'm positive I'm not getting anywhere fast. I put in a ticket over a week ago and no answer. Just praying my data on my phone can get saved somewhere before that fails also. My PC version is tanked and that's what I've been using for years. It also auto-updated itself on my PC, it sees that I have passwords but won't let me click on anything becausethey are all greyed out and I can't search my passwords.


Agree to some point, creating a complete "new" Version would have old users keeping their V5.

But there where emails telling what is coming, and I received 2 mails before the update came. So I was prepared :-)

I was angry before I found this thread. Now I'm barely able to type for getting up and storming around the house in rage. What the hell is wrong with you people? How can you be so confused about why people are angry about this? You can't be this obtuse so I assume this stance must be deliberate. As Upton Sinclair once said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

I bought a piece of software, installed it on my machine, used it. Relied on it. Then, one night, you broke into my machine without my consent and stole the software that I bought. You replaced it with different software, again without my consent. The facts that you're not charging me for this...service and that you think the new version is better than what I bought are completely beside the point. (And I disagree with the latter, by the way.)

How can you possibly think this is acceptable conduct?  To me, admittedly not a lawyer, it frankly sounds like a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

What a trustworthy company would have done is created a new version of their software, then marketed it to new customers and offered existing customers the chance to upgrade or keep what they already had. Customers who chose to upgrade could have deliberately downloaded the new version and installed it. Those who didn't could simply ignore that option and continue using what they  had. That would have been the responsible way to put out an upgrade. It's how software upgrades have been done for decades now and it works.  You made a different choice.

I don't even know what you could do to fix this at this point. You insist that it's somehow impossible to restore v5 to people who bought it, as if you've destroyed all existing copies of that version  somehow. I don't believe that for a moment, but even if you do downgrade to v5, the core fact remains. You put functionality in your software that allowed you to come into users' systems without their knowledge or consent and replace it with different software to suit your purpose. And you expect me to trust this software with the passwords to my bank accounts, my credit cards, everything that I do online?

I don't see how I can ever trust your company or your software again.

Hi Everyone,

For those running older versions of different OS's who aren't able to upgrade to mSecure 6, we're trying to figure out a solution. If you're still seeking help, can you provide us with the platforms you are running mSecure on, as well as the OS version numbers?

 So it is your way or the highway?
I will move to some more honest app.

You may be right, but you can not decide for me.

May the pirates hack your software and give it for free.

I've lost all faith in mSecure and no longer trust you as a company - the way this "upgrade..." has been handled has been appalling.   Give it a couple more years and I have the feeling my data will be held for ransom - one way or another.

I've now jumped ship to SafeInCloud.  Dirt cheap one off payment to upgrade to "pro" and the import routine worked flawlessly.  Took about 5 mins to move everything over on PC & Android.,

Can you explain what you are talking about here? How is it that we might be right but you won't let us decide for you? Are you mad because you think you have to pay for mSecure 6? You probably don't have to pay for it, because it's likely you have a v5 Pro license, but I'm just trying to figure out what in the world you're getting at.

 @Steven: OK, you might want to look into the company behind SafeInCloud.  According to Dun and Bradstreet (search to find page), it's a one man operation,  Andrey/Andrei Shcherbakov, based in Moscow.  No disrespect to him personally, but given "the situation", none of that would fill me with long-term confidence.

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