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I have the QR code but forgot my password, can I restore my password?

I have the QR code but forgot my password, can I restore my password?

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Order Number / Receipt: #7833932, you can find my email address there. 

Thank you for the receipt number. I was able to find your purchase and email address. However, after finding the email address you used for the purchase of your mSecure 5 Pro license, I was not able to find your account in our system. This is typically caused by users deleting their mSecure account, which can be done in the Account Settings of the iOS and Mac app.

So the reason you're not able to sign in to your account now is because the account either has a different email address associated with it now, or the account was deleted. To be clear, an mSecure account can only be deleted one way: the user has to click/tap the Delete button in the Account Settings. There is no other way an account can be deleted. If the issue is that the email address for the account was changed, that can either be done in the Account Settings of the app, or you may have asked a support rep to change it for you.

Do you remember either deleting the account or changing the email address?

Since I couldn’t log back in on iOS app, I deleted the account to create a new account under a new login XXXXXX@XXX.XXX and restored a backup. Please don’t post my email address online. Can you transfer the purchase to the new email login?

Hi Tu,

I was able to find your new account and your purchase of the mSecure 5 Pro license. I added the license to your new account, so everything should be good now.

Go ahead and force close mSecure and let it sit for a minute or so. Open it again, then go to the Account Settings. You should see it tells you have an Essentials account now.

Perfect! Thanks for all your help resolving my issue. I promise not to destroy my account again.

No problem at all @Tu! Please let me know should you need further assistance.

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