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I am very interested in the new version of msecure. I read also somewhere, that it is possible, to be registered in a list for a beta version. If it's possible, please sign me in there.

Thank you very much, have a merry christmas, a good start in 2021 and stay healthy.

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@SJ I responded to your email you sent to support a couple days ago. I'll get you added as a beta tester for the next beta release.

@Colin When you run the beta on one device, your account gets updated on our server, so all other devices will tell you you need to update mSecure if they are still running mSecure 5. mSecure 6 is very stable at this time, though we do still have you make backup in mSecure 5 before installing it. Is there a reason you would not want to run mSecure 6 on all your devices?

I would but I share the account with my family and they are not beta tester types. I am and will be patient. Are we still aiming for the end of the month?

No problem at all @Colin. We are still aiming for the end of the month, but I do think that will be a little bit too short of time. We're just now getting the beta out for Android, which has taken much, much longer than we thought it would, and so we need to get some feedback on that version of the app. All of the features in each platform have been implemented, so now we're going through all of the details to make sure we're read for release.

guys, let's have at least something else, because version 5 is a real pain. it's getting hard to wait.

@Artem mSecure 6 is in beta testing right now, and we're getting closer and closer to release. Real quick, why is it that mSecure 5 is a real pain? Is there something going wrong when you use that version of the app?

Hope this is the right forum this time. Mike wrote "In order to create Vaults, you need to use the Sharing Center. As a beta tester, there are questions you will naturally have, and if you post them in the beta testing thread, I can help you pretty quickly there. "

I can't find the Sharing Center anywhere. It's not in settings. It says I have 30 days trial of Platinum in my betaversion. But no Sharing Center as I can see.

However, I am not sure it actually are vaults I am looking for. I don't need to share with others, since I share my mSecure account with my wife.

What I need is a possibility to "group" the passwords, like:




and so on. This is really easy in 1Password and also I managed to do it in Strongbox. So I guess it is possible here aswell, I just haven't found out how?

In terms of convenience, I like the interface of version 3.5.7 better:

1. It is more compact (v5 is bulky and clumsy, sharpened for the touchscreen, there is no choice);

2. It is possible to change the position of the internal borders of the interface blocks (in version 5, this is not possible. !!! This is the most infuriating thing !!! I want to see more text, not a list of entries at 35% of the PC screen size 27 "+ 15% the main menu, which does not automatically hide when you focus the mouse pointer on the content of the record, for example).

For other problems:

3. I store a lot of text inside the "Note" field, really a lot! My main work takes place in the "Note" field. In the PC version of the program, this field is convenient for me to work with. So, in the mobile version (iOS, iPhone 11 Pro Max) the "Note" field is completely unsuitable for formatting a large amount of text. By the way, in the mobile version 4.5.4 there is such a problem, which is not so critical, but it also exists. Try it yourself in mobile version 5, save in the "Note" field for example 15000 characters, exit the editing mode and first try to copy a single word from the "Note" field. Then enter the edit mode and try to put the cursor next to any word at least two screens below in the text, select this word and copy it to the clipboard, at each of these steps the program will behave inappropriately, the screen is constantly twisted to the beginning from any touch in the area the "Note" fields. Moving the cursor to other adjacent words is also difficult.

4. For me, for example, in the mobile version and on a PC, I need the "Note" field to be freely editable. So that you do not have to constantly click on the "Edit" button. And 1 problem will go away in the mobile version, the inability to copy a single word from the "Note" field without entering the edit mode.

5. In mobile version 5, when sorting records by Type is enabled, if you try to perform Search and in the search results you will see many records at once, then sorting by Type is not saved.

6. I did Export / Import of data from mobile version 4.5.4 to mobile version 5. All records were transferred well, but the configured fields of Type records were not saved. This makes it very difficult to create new records. I save myself by duplicating records and further editing.

7. In version 5 for PC, in the record editing mode, in the field where the name of the record is written, its title, at the very end there is a button with a cross pattern, and so this active area of ​​this cross button is located very close to the edge of the field and I often I touch it and delete all the text in the field and at the same time there is no function for reversing changes by pressing CTRL + Z. (see attached screenshot). Problem.

This is what I just remembered now.

Image1.jpg Image1.jpg
28.1 KB

8. Well, synchronization with the dropbox cannot be configured on the PC version.

In general, this is why I am really looking forward to version 6 and really hope that the interface will be more thought out, the problems that exist now and all wishes will be heard.


Another moment. Here on the forum, when you add or delete a comment, it redirects to the first page with the earliest comment, it seems to me better to redirect to the page with the last comment.

Sorry, it burst!







@Artem Thank you for the feedback you have provided here. One of the reasons I wanted to hear about your experience is to make sure that your wait for mSecure 6 is not a disappointment. While I believe v6 is vastly improved over v5, most of the issues you brought up won't be changed in the new app. For example, points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are not going to be different in v6.

I did check point #5, because I wasn't aware that the Type sorting was not retained after a search in mSecure 5, and that has been updated. In v6, when you are sorting by Template (used to be Type but now it's called Template), after a search, your data is still displayed in the Template groupings like you want. For point number 6, I believe you are running into some type of bug that we're not aware of, and we may be able to help you get that resolved if you would like to work on it. However, data storage has been updated in v6, so I have a feeling that the data you restore will be correct in the new app. For point #8, Dropbox syncing will work in mSecure 6, so that I can assure you will be fixed.


Hi Mike!

- "For example, points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are not going to be different in v6"

It is sad! 

Is it fundamentally or is it difficult to implement or do these improvements need to be paid separately?

@Artem Points 1 and 2 are items we're aware some of our customers want changed, but we're not planning on changing them.

I can add points 3 and 4 as feature requests, but at this time, we don't have plans to change the functionality of the Notes field. The issue is, I may know of one other customer who has asked something like you are asking, and it's already possible to copy just one or two words after editing the record first. So we're in place where it could take a lot of work to get the Notes field changed to accommodate what you're asking for, but in the end, it only removes the need to edit the record first before selecting the data you wish to copy. Adding the feature you're asking for is not out of the question, but it isn't high on our list of priorities. I hope that explanation makes sense as to why it is this way for us.

For point 7, the X button is there to make it easy for people to clear the data from the title field, and people are used to having it there. If we were to remove that X button, then we would have many customers asking to have it put back into the field, because they have come to rely on it to clear data from the field. Does that make sense?


Regarding point 7, you misunderstood me, you do not need to delete it, just make some free space between the X button and the right edge of the field. If the text in this field is long, then the X button is superimposed on the text. When I want to quickly move to the end of the line to see the hidden text, then I move the mouse cursor to the very last visible character, press LMB and drag the cursor to the right, but when the cursor enters the area of ​​the button with a cross, the text stops highlighting, it continues to highlight only after the cursor passes the area of ​​the X button, and if I release the LMB over the X button, then the area I selected is not reset, and the selection area continues to run after the mouse cursor when the LMB is released. And in this situation, I more than once accidentally pressed the X button, which immediately cleared the field from the text without the possibility of returning the changes (CTRL + Z)


 - "So we're in place where it could take a lot of work to get the Notes field changed to accommodate what you're asking for, but in the end, it only removes the need to edit the record first before selecting the data you wish to copy."

This is not a major issue with the Note field. It can be lived through. But I described other basic problems that it is impossible to just copy or even just select one word in edit mode. When there is a lot of text (15,000 characters for example), then when you try to select a word in the middle of such text, it is almost impossible, the cursor constantly runs to the beginning of the test and again you have to scroll the text on the screen to the desired word, over and over again. This problem is on the mobile version of iOS.

In the PC version, the Note field with a lot of text may not be displayed at all until you restart the application. Sometimes it helps to click the mouse in the area where the text should be, then the text may appear.

So if I still have to press the Edit button to HUMANLY work with the text in the Note field, then this is NOT a problem AT ALL.

Another moment in the mobile version.

When I do a search and I have a lot of Records as a result of the search, for example, I open the Record, which is almost at the end of the search result, several screens below. After I close this Record, I get to the screen with the search results, at the beginning, and I have to scroll back to the place where I opened the Record before.  

And i just discovered that if I scroll through the search results screen and switch to another application or exit to the main screen, then returning back to mSecure, the search results screen is also reset to the top of the results list

Please make sure that when I close an open Record, I return to the last state of the screen.

After all, this is convenient and it is in the style of iOS, they have foreseen it all, these wonderful and convenient little things.

"Attention to detail creates perfection, but perfection is no longer a trifle."

@Artem Thank you for the clarification on point 7. I will get it written up to put space between the end of the text and the X button at the right of the Title field.

For the Note field, this is the first time I have heard that something is wrong in the Windows version of the app. You shouldn't have to restart the app to see your Notes. The problem is, I don't have a way to reproduce the issue. I have tested with really long Note data, and I haven't seen the notes not get displayed. Here's the question for Windows specifically: when you see the note data, and you click the edit button, are you then able to select a single word to copy it to the clipboard? If so, then we just need to work on the issue where you don't always see the note data.

For the Note field issue you mentioned on iOS, that shouldn't be happening either, even in v5. However, I just tested creating a very long Note, not sure how many characters, but I'm sure it was over 1000. When I edit the note, I am able to select one or any number of words, and it doesn't move the cursor to the top of the Note data. Let's wait until v6 is released, and then if you still see an issue, please let us know, because the cursor should not be jumping around when you select text in the note field's data.

For the last issue you mentioned, that is also fixed in v6. That's been an ongoing issue in v5 that we wanted to have fixed in the next version. When you go back from viewing a record, the main view list will be in the position you left it before you clicked the record to view its details.

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