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Windows 10 Desktop Buggy


Recently I have been having sluggish performance and "Script error" using the desktop application.  Is there a patch or update that I've missed?  My version is


Hi Mike,

Yes I am running Kaspersky. I switched to it probably only a year ago so it’s entirely possible I’ve only just noticed the issue.

I also note that syncing is not as bulletproof as it seemed to be once. A change on the Windows Box does not find its way to iOS instances. Could this also be related to Kaspersky? I would find it less likely that I hadn’t noticed this sooner if it is. Nothing else has changed about my network settings etc. How do you force the iOS app to do a resync?

and slightly back on topic, what’s the ETA on mSecure v6?


Hi Steve,

Regarding the syncing, it should be totally consistent, regardless of which platforms you are using, so I'm not sure what could be happening here. When you say it's not syncing, can you explain it some more detail? What happens sometimes is that customers are not aware that the syncing isn't intended to happen instantaneously. Since it's rare to have more than one mSecure app open at the same time, the idea is that a change is made in one mSecure app and that data is synced up to the cloud, then when the other device is opened and unlocked, it looks to see if there is a sync needed, and if so, it pulls it in. If both devices are open at the same time, it can take anywhere from about 1 to 3 minutes for the sync make it to other devices. It's like this due to sync timers running in the app.

If you are using Wi-Fi syncing, then it's a little bit different. Changes made in mSecure running on client devices connecting to your Windows mSecure app will happen instantaneously. So if you have both apps open and make a change on your iPhone, then that change should sync instantaneously to mSecure on your PC. However, if you have both apps open and make a change on your PC, then the sync may not make it to the iOS app for about a minute or so. Again, this is due to sync timers running in the app.

Regarding v6, we are sending out a message today to all our beta testers getting the emails they are using for the various app stores. Once we have those, we will be sending out the first beta release for v6. We're hoping to have the public release ready within a couple months after that.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. Well you have probably explained the issue. The use-case I was referring to was making a change on a Windows Pro instance of mSecure, then clicking.....


.......and expecting it would 'force-sync' with my iPad or iPhone, more or less instantly. Lately I've been doing a considerable amount of editing of my mSecure data, and it is not uncommon for me to have a windows and iOs instance concurrently open (the clipboard copy issue caused my Kaspersky not occurring on the iPad makes it a little easier to work with at time when changing complex passwords). I would say I'm not COMPLETELY convinced, as I *think* I've struck occasions when my iOS device doesn't have the latest update after quite some time......I'll look out for this and let you know.

BTW the Clipboard copy issue (resulting in script error dialog box), I've realized only seems to occur if you have a Kasperky Protected Browser open. If you don't, then Kaspersky doesn't seem to block the clip board copy.

Is there anything exciting in V6?



@Mike, yes, I would experience the script error eventually once the slowness gets really bad. So it seems like the two issues might be related, that's why I thought my workaround would help. I haven't heard anyone else having success with the workaround I posted except me so I'm just curious if the workaround is isolated to only my computer.

@Steve We have this issue with Kaspersky's secure browser on our radar, so we hope it will be fixed for first release of v6. By fixed, I really only mean that a meaningful message is displayed when the error occurs, because if the Kaspersky app has permission to block the clipboard from being accessed, we won't be able to override it. One thing I would check is to see if there is an ignore list in the Kaspersky app, and if so, add mSecure to it. It might be that it's smart enough to know which 3rd party app is trying to access the clipboard, but I'm not sure.

Regarding v6, we do have a lot of new features on the way. The two biggest features are cross-account sharing and browser extensions. Unfortunately, for the first release, the browser extensions won't be available for Windows, but we will be adding them as soon as possible. We're hoping Microsoft follows through with changes to the Windows app architecture, and when that happens, our first priority is to port over the extensions.

@Wilbert Thank you for the update! The slowness while typing is on our radar, and we'll hopefully have it fixed for v6. Real quick, can you let me know what type of computer you are using and what version of Windows is installed?

@Mike I'm using an MSI laptop on Windows 10 recently updated to 20H2, but had 1909 for a long time.


Yeah I thought as much and as you alluded to, I did investigate whether there was a way to create a rule in Kaspersky to get around the issue. I couldn't find a way so asked their support (thus far without response). I did find that Kaspersky had 'trusted'"mSecure, but that seems to just be related to actual network traffic .

At least I've identified that the issue is only when a protected browser is active so is only really painful when dealing with banking browser extensions sound like a helpful feature, and lets face it ....Windows would be quite a big platform to miss eh :-)

BTW. I've never had an issue with sluggish behaviour and I have an 8 year old PC....



Thank you for the update on this Steve! If Kaspersky's support let's you know there is a way for us to do something in the app to let their security system know it's ok to use the clipboard, please let me know. I haven't heard of such a feature, but they may have added it recently or plan to add it in the future.

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