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In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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@Steve We sent out two emails, so I'm not sure which one you received. One was sent out to our v5 Paid users, meaning you purchased a v5 Pro license at some point. If you are in that camp, you'll see the explanation as to how the pricing works. In this case, if you have a Pro license, you will get access to the Essentials tier of features at no cost. Everything you have in v5 and more is present in the Essentials subscription, so you will not be losing any functionality that you have in v5.

If you received the other email, that was sent out to some of our free users, that also explains what you can do now to make a one-time payment to purchase a Pro license and then have access to the Essentials features in v6 as explained above.

In the end, if you have a v5 Pro license, whether you purchased it 4 years ago or today, the only way you would need to sign up for a subscription is if you needed one or all of the features only available in the Premium subscription tier.

Hi @Mike. Is this the email that was to be sent to current owners of v 5? If so I haven’t recieved one. So dors tjat mean that v 6 is launching now? But only to a few and not all? Or wasn’t all v5 users supposed to get that mail? Just so I know, getting a bit confused now on this matter.

I see the most recent email regarding msecure 6, however I don't see a pricing plan? I have a pro license for 5 and love it and I'm all for a subscription based model for 6 assuming its not to expensive a month? Hoping less than $10. Did I miss it has pricing not been released yet?

@Steve Horowitz, I concur. Count me a continuing paying customer if you offer a one-time upgrade cost. I too won’t do rent-ware.
Thank you Mike for the explanation. I am a Pro v5 user. Is it correct to say that I get v6 features listed and road map features for free? Or is there an upgrade cost? Can you point me to the list of premium subscription features? Very excited to use v6. Steve
Excited to see v6. Count me in the one time fee bucket vs. the subscription bucket. Also, I’d happily pay $40-$60 for one time upgrade fee than the monthly fee. Last, in the email that came maybe I missed it but it’s unclear what’s features are part of base v6 vs. what are subscription only. Point me to it pls if I missed. Thank you.

I find it sad that you moved to a subscription only version.  I am happy to pay for upgrades even maintenance, but refuse to "rent" software.  I will have to see how this goes with the support for version 5 but I feel I should start looking for a new product.

Do a survey before presuming “most” favor your business model change. Of course, you can run your business as you see fit; however, never try to convince longtime customers that “most” of us agree with your decisions. Why not be transparent to show respect of your customers? Why not conduct a survey with live updates you can see after completing it, so we can verify your position statement? Why not do it NOW before you launch? You can be sure somebody will fill the void for anyone like me who will not switch to rentware. Better yet, anticipate your customer base (you know, the 100k still using v4, plus all v5 users) by spending the years between now and 5’s rather botched release developing a joint business model that serves both camps. Ensure the largest audience with the best set of options…rentware or onetime…with the launch of v6. Hell, I’d gladly pay what I did moving from v4 to v5 (meaning new app upgrade) to get v6. That’s two app IDs to manage, one as leaseware, one as traditional ware. Good luck with the launch. I’m sure you won’t do the honest survey thing, but it would show transparency in company leadership and a true caring of your 14+ year customer base.
Hi guys - care to post any open source password managers to transfer over the contents? Don’t want to risk handing over my balls in the rentware model. This won’t keep me on mSecure for long hence exploring options.

@Zachary Here is a link to the pricing in mSecure 6:

@Matt As pointed out in the pre-ship email, and as you'll see in the link above, you don't have to sign up for a subscription if you have a Pro license. Also, we didn't presume that "most" of our customers would prefer us moving to a subscription model. If that is said anywhere, please let me know, so I can change the wording. As clarified in the document we pointed to in the pre-ship email we sent out, the move we made is necessary for our business. If you have not had a chance to read that document, here is a link:

Also, it needs to be clear that we are not trying to persuade our customers, either long-standing or new, that the change we are making is the only way to do business. It's the decision we made, and we believe it's the right decision for us, but that in no way implies any ill feelings are a lack of understanding for customers that disagree with the move we've made. We know there are those who will never pay for a subscription, and that is most certainly ok with us. It's the main reason we made it possible for those who have purchased mSecure 5 to continue using all of the features they currently have, along with other new features they'll have access to, without having to sign up for a subscription. If you are against subscriptions to the point you will not want to use mSecure even though you don't have to sign up for one, I totally understand you not wanting to download the new app.

@Steve Here is a link to the v6 information page:   With regards to the roadmap features, I can't say right now which of those features will fall under Essentials or Premium features. I'm sure there will be a little of both, but as of now, we haven't made those decisions.

@Puneet The link above - - is where to find out more information about v6. A link to that page is provided in the email as well (it's the two buttons at the top and bottom of the email). For more on the pricing of v6, you can find that here:

@Mike. Thank you for your posts, sounds like a busy few weeks for you guys getting v6 into the public domain, I can't wait for it. Long time user and more than happy to pay the sub if it means extra features. I do have some questions though if you don't mind.

1) Will v5 still be supported moving forwards? Is there a date in mind when it will stop being supported?
2) Can you run a v5 app and v6 simultaneously on the same device? Reason I ask is because I depend on this password manager so much day to day, I would like to be able to run both in parallel to ensure v6 does what I want it to do before removing v5. Is v5 and v6 2 different independent apps?

3) Running on the same lines as question 2, will there be a separate app that can be downloaded for desktop machines as I currently use it on Win 10 & Win 11 laptops. Again will this run in parallel to the current v5 desktop app?
4) One of my biggest requests is family pricing / sharing which is on the roadmap. It states you have to go to mSecure cloud to do this. I'm currently syncing via Dropbox, is there any intention of having the same features on other cloud storage like Dropbox? The reason I ask this (please don't be offended), is that I find it more secure to be with more established cloud storages.

5) What is the migration path from v5 to v6? Would it be to export v5 details and then import them into v6?

6) I've paid for the v5 Pro licence, if I was to delay the sub for v6, how long will the 50% discount be available for? Limited time? Or will I be able to have that discount if I decide a year down the line that I want to start sub to v6?

Appreciate the hard work you guys are doing, looking forward to the new version after a long wait!

Mike That’s the very question I have; what features are included in Essentials vs. Premium. I guess I’ll await those decisions. Just to throw my 2 cents in, I believe you guys are making the right choice. Software companies needs a revenue stream. As a developer myself I understand that. You are also giving yours current customers a great set of options, with the essentials tier and reduced subscription prices. Another question regarding accounts. At the moment, my wife and I use one single account. We run MSecure on our windows PCs, iPads and iPhones. Thus 6 devices since we each have a desktop, iPhone and iPad. We find it very useful so when either of us adds a new login or changes a password, we immediately both have access to those changes. And it’s all synced with my Dropbox account. Would this all work the same way with v6? Thanks
Q7 - even if v5 is not supported in the future, will we be able to download it on iPhone / android in the foreseeable future?

I have been with you since the 3.5 version and paid for the v5 version. Just wondering when this will be launched and what it will cost? I may also want to transfer over from Mac to Windows. In your questions it stated 2021 well it's 2022 and the first quarter; do you have the results of the beta version to go ahead with the program? Loyal customer here as you can tell.

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