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File Attachment

Should be a very good improvement mSecure to introduce a way to add registration files so we can have it with the records and to backup it too.

I use it often in SplashID Safe and it is very usefull.


Miguel Madeira

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This would seem like a good idea - there are already plans to include pdf attachments - what is the concern in allowing any type of file? (Perhaps with a size limit)

Yes, any kind of file will be welcomed. A limit size should be implemented, but normally the files to secure with any record are very small.

This is a feature I think the majority of mSecure users will love.

Regards, Miguel.

Hi guys,

The reason we limit the kinds of attachments you can use is because we encrypt all attachments and records you use and would need to account for anything being attached. I personally am not opposed to simply allowing users to attach any files and have an attachment file size limit and an overall user attachments storage limit as well, but I'm not directly working on implementing these kinds of features in our app. As with any feature request, if this request receives a good amount of attention or if we receive this kind of request often, we will definitely look into the possibility of adding the feature in to the app. At the moment, we still have to implement PDF attachments in mSecure 5 on iOS, Mac, and Windows. After that is done, we can consider either expanding the formats we allow or introducing a system that allows you to attach any kind of file you would like. 



Thanks a lot Eden for your answer.

For me this file attachment feature is very useful and I still use Splash ID because of it.

I think mSecure has a lot of space to grow and to improve and you must see what your competition is doing in fulfill their client base needs.

All the best for the new developments.



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