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Viewing attachment msecure 6.1

On my iPhone. When I tap on an attachment it opens a screen that appears to be a temp folder??? I expected that tapping on the attachment would allow me to view it

Great instructions Mike... :)

The log file has been sent!

Thank you Noella. I have sent the logs to our developer, so I'll get back to you as soon as he has a new set of instructions.

We hope we have good news on the issue with your attachments Noella. Our developer created a new build with what he hopes will fix you not being able to view your attachments. We would like to have you install that new build before we publish it to the store, though, because we want to make sure the issue is actually resolved. Would you be willing to install a beta build from TestFlight the beginning of next week to confirm the issue is fixed or not?

Yes absolutely!!

Ok, I will just need to add you to TestFlight so you can download the new build. Is the email you use for your Apple ID the same that you use here in the forum?

yes it is Mike

Hey Noella, I accidentally added you to the TestFlight build for the Legacy mSecure 4 app. Please disregard that one. I'm getting everything set up so I can get you the 6.1.1 release installed. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Ok, the new 6.1.1 (958) build has been submitted, and you have been added as a tester. As soon as the review is finished, you should be given access to it in the TestFlight app. After you are able to install it, let me know your findings when you try to view various attachments.

Thanks Mike... I posted an issue that my sister is having with her version of mSecure... I posted under IOS report a problem.... very bizarre... 

Ahhh, ok, that was the one talking about records with "No Title" correct? If so, I just responded to that post.


By the way, the 6.1.1 build for your attachments issue is now in review by Apple. It will be available to download it passes the review. I'm not sure how long the review will take, but you should get an email telling you it's available in TestFlight pretty soon.

I've installed the 6.1.1 build and everything is FANTASTIC.  All my attachments now display

and just to show all my attachments..which I can view - but can't add any more images to that record...

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