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msecure account

 I have no record of having set up an msecure account. The site does not let me create an account or indicate I have forgotten my password.


Hi Jerome,

Since this is not something we have run into before, the only thing I can think is that the record was updated somehow on the PC before the sync was processed. Please follow the steps below a few times to see if what is happening is reproducible:

  1. Close mSecure on both your PC and your iPhone
  2. Open mSecure on your iPhone, make a change to a record and save it
  3. Leave mSecure open on your iPhone
  4. Open mSecure on your PC

A sync should take place automatically, and the change you made on your iPhone should be synced over to your PC.

Did that work, or was the change on your iPhone reverted back to the old state every time you ran the test?


I have followed your instructions. Msecure does not sync automatically. I can force the sync from my iphone and the phone indicates  "sync complete" The PC has over written the updated record on the iphone.


Hi Jerry,

I'm not sure what's happening here, because I just double-checked on my PC and iPhone, and everything is working as it should. We also don't have other reporting this issue, so something really strange is happening here. The only thing I can think of to do for troubleshooting is to try a different sync feature and see if syncing is working. If it is, then going back to Wi-Fi syncing might work, but I don't know. Are you willing to try a different sync feature for troubleshooting?

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