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Request to Downgrade back to 5.x Pro

I don't mind paying for upgrades per major version but not a monthly plan/yearly plan.

Example 4. x to 5. x

I logged into my computer today and noticed that 6.0 was installed on my machine automatically without my permission.  I understand that since I paid for 5.x Pro I get the stripped-down features of mSecure 6.0 for free.  What this tells me is that once 7.0 comes out my data will be a hostage to upgrade or lose my data.  No Thanks!

I don't do monthly or yearly plans because they stack up easy and I can't keep track they always end up charging me at the worst possible time and I occur a $32 bank fee.

I would rather pay by the version so I decide when to update, AKA: (When I get paid and think your software is worth it.)  With this new pricing plan, you are taking this out of my hands.  So I am forced to take it back by finding another software to use.

I never upgrade to the cutting edge until all the bugs are worked out...  For Example the 6.0

- The Record Editor Fields do not align up correctly on larger screens.

- The Light and Dark Options are Crap compared to 4.x and 5.x versions...

- Forced Premium Trial - No Way to Cancel out of it.. Adds extra crap in the way that I don't need.

- Several of my Records Crash the Software on PC but works fine on my Apple Phone.

I loved your software with my experience 4.x and 5.x and have suggested it to many of my students in the Army where I teach 25B (Information Technology Specialist) MOS.  No Referral because of profiting rules.... but I was glad to recommend it. 400/700 Students a year for the past 4 years. (Your software was a great example of easy it could be to keep up with tons of passwords, without having to recall any of them...)  Many people use one password for everything and a huge security risk.

With the new pricing plan, I will not be referring anyone else and I will not be using your software past the trial version.  I also will be sending past students to ditch the software once I find a suitable solution.  Even if I have to learn C++ and QT ( Open Source and build it myself.

I am so pissed off I could scream!!!

You could have at least given me the opportunity to upgrade when I wanted to instead of being thrust into bug-ridden software and forced to swim.

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I paid for a product, not for a subscription. I may want to pay for a product but be paying you on a time basis, no way. Go and ask someone else to take care of you. You outspeak the rules I decide if I accept play or not. You change the rules without my agreement, you play yourself. Is it clear that we all are in disagreement with your choices? You don't have to pay for a subscription if you have a v5 Pro account. Is there something unclear about what we've been saying over the past couple of months leading up to the v6 release? There are other things in this post that people are upset about, but you don't have to pay for a subscription. If that's what you are upset about, if you have a v5 Pro license, you don't have to pay for a subscription to continue using all of the feature you had in v5.

I feel the same way!!!!!!!

I feel the same way!!!!!!!

@Stan What do you feel the same way about?

Dissatisfaction with mSecure 6

@Stan If you can explain your dissatisfaction, I can probably help you get past whatever is causing it. Of course, it it's simply a dislike for moving to a subscription model, I can't help there, unless it is still unclear that as a v5 Pro user you don't have to sign up for a subscription. Let me know what's happening, and I can try to help.

I have to wade in here. I have never read such an incoherent and ignorant posts. We have chosen mSecure because we now have an unmanageable number of passwords to store. We also need to have those passwords protected. To do that, you need the most up to date security. To ensure that you need a product to be constantly developing and keeping track with all the latest threats. To achieve that you need to use tools created by a company that is financially stable and able to invest in r&d. That is what mSecure are doing by introducing a subscription service. You update your PC, your mobile and pretty much every wifi connected device with security patches automatically, so why not protect your passwords the same way? One consideration is that these updates are probably patching on going security issues, which the developers would never want to point out, as this would enable them to be exploited. If you don't feel that your data security is worth the price of a few cups of Starbucks coffee a year then you deserve to be hacked. Stop whinging and think before you post!

I thought mSecure was pretty good until the big switch. I lost my paid program and was forced to go with 6 and its yearly fees!!!  How unfair is that; you didn't even give me a choice. VERY... VERY poor business practices. You may have gotten my money 1 time, but you won't get it again.  

@Courtney What are you talking about? I just checked your account, and you have a v5 Pro license. You don't have to sign up for a v6 subscription, because we're granting you access to the v6 Essentials features. Why are you posting this? How is our business practice poor when nothing has been taken away from you? Are you confused about the way something is working? If so, please ask a question, and I will help in any way I can. Telling us we're doing something that we're not doing is a very poor way to get help. Whatever you need help with, whatever questions you may have, I'm here to help.

If you think we have done something that isn't fair, please ask me to clarify what's happening on your devices. As has been said over, and over, and over again all over our forum, if you have purchased a v5 Pro license, you don't have to sign up for a subscription in v6 if all you want to do is continue using the same features, and more, that you had in v5. If you think you do, you don't. If you still think you need to sign up for a subscription, then tell me why! I can clarify anything that is confusing. If you have a v5 Pro license, like you do, then I can make sure the app is set up correctly so you will have access to the v6 Essentials features.

By the way, I checked your account using the email address you are using here in the forum. I believe you may have a typo in it, because the domain is "" It does appear that @mail is an email service provider, but is much more common. Is it possible you are signed in to an account that ends in "" instead?

Hi @Mike - mSecure. I have to confess I was/am a bit confused with the migration from v5 Pro to v6 myself. A long time customer here who has been extremely satisfied with the service over the years and have sweared by it. Unlike some others have said, I did receive email notifications regarding the upgrade prior. I chose to upgrade when the time came (both Mac Desktop and iOS mobile) to v6 but stayed on "Essentials" since I was fine as was plus whatever extra goodies for the Essentials version. It's been working great BTW.

I don't care too much for a subscriptions service myself having to pay XX amount of dollars every year. I think that's what I'm gleaning is the dissatisfaction with most of the complaining customers. I see you've mentioned something to the extent that if as a v5 Pro customer we've migrated to v6 Essentials there's no additional cost right? I just want to confirm, does that mean those of us with v6 Essentials will be able to continue using it after the year and not tied in to have to take out an annual subscription in order to continue using our v6 that it remains a sort of perpetual app for some time thereafter as we'd been accustomed to?

@David If you've purchased a V5 Pro license, you should now see that you have an Essentials account in mSecure's Account Settings. Essentials gives you access to all of the features in v5 and more. While we have no plans of changing the license status, we are guaranteeing there will be no charge for accounts that have purchased a V5 Pro license for at least 3 years after the March 16th release of mSecure 6. Our goal is to make the Premium tier a good enough value that V5 Pro Essentials users will naturally want to subscribe to it.

Seems fair to me Mike. Thanks for confirming again.

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