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Beta for MSecure 6

I am very interested in the new version of msecure. I read also somewhere, that it is possible, to be registered in a list for a beta version. If it's possible, please sign me in there.

Thank you very much, have a merry christmas, a good start in 2021 and stay healthy.

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I don't know if this is a bug or just that there is some way to show the entries that isn't too obvious: When I click "All records" in the left sidebar it says I have 432 entries, but it only shows 20. I can't find where to cghange that so it actually shows all. This is the same in all other aswell. If I click tags and "common" (this we share my wife and I) it says I have 316 entries, but it only shows 20. It seems it only shows "recents", and it is not possible to change. Been searching in Settings, but nothing there. A bug or just some other problem? Since the FAQ doesn't help either it is somewhat difficult to use mSecure beta at least. This is in the Mac version. IPhone doesn’t have this issue it seems.

Hi Thomas,

What you are describing sounds like you have the Recents filter selected. When viewing only recents, only the most recent 20 records you have used will be displayed. When I say "used," I mean that you have tapped on a field to copy data to the clipboard, edited the record, created a new record, or just interacted with the data you have stored in the record in some way.

First, are you sure that "All Records" in the left column is selected? If it is, the row in the left column will be highlighted with a different background color than the other rows. Also, if the Recents filter is selected, you'll not only see that row highlighted in the left column, but you should see the word "Recents" at the top of the record list in the middle column.

I believe I have mentioned this to you before, but documentation for mSecure 6 has not been created for the beta phase of testing. It will be created for the public release, but I'm the only resource for information on the beta versions until that documentation is created =)

I can’t remember if tou commented earlier or not, and that is of less importance, since this is me a betatester reporting something that might-or might not-be a bug. In the iOS version it works. There are small images at the top and tvey work as expected. The Mac version however dors not. Wherever I click in the sidebar it stiil only shows recent. If I click ”all” and then ”login records” I get all login records. If I on my Mac try to click on ”all” it still only shows ”recent”. If I click whatever and wherever, it still only shows recents. If that isn’t a bug it must be tjat my app is corrupted. I will delete it and try to reinstall. Another issue I have is that I can’t go back to the vetsion I have psid for, but am licked in the beta wether I eant to or not. That is not tbe case with any other app I’ve betatested. Airmail, Canary, Soark, Exison, 1Password and so on. That feels a bit strange. I’d rather have access to my paid app aswell, since … well, since I’ve actually paid for it. And since I’m not totally impressed by the Mac beta if mSecure.

Hi Thomas,

The icons at the top of the main view of the iOS version are the same filters you see at the top of the list of filters in the left column of the Mac app. The function the same way, except that on iOS, you can long-tap on the icon, and then select a different record template to set for filtering your records (the All Records filter to the far left can't be changed). They start out as Recents, Login Records, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes, just like you see in the Mac version.

With regards to the functionality, what you are describing happening in the Mac version is not intended behavior. When you click "All Records," you should see all of your records. If you click "Login Records," you should see all of your records using the Login template. For "Recents," you will see the 20 most recently used records. What you are experiencing is not a known bug, but it may be a bug in the beta version of the app. The trick is trying to figure out how the app got into that state. Real quick, I'm sure you've tried this, but what happens if you force close the app and then open it again. Do you only see 20 records when click "All Records" in the left column? Also, scroll the list of records all the way to the top. If the "Recents" filter is active, you'll see the word "Recents" at the top of the middle column above the all of the records.

With regards to being able to revert back to mSecure 5, I can help you do that, but it's not possible to use the same account in both mSecure 5 and mSecure 6. If other apps are doing that, I'm not exactly sure how they're pulling that off if/when the database of information is not compatible with the previous versions of the app. I'm definitely not saying that isn't possible, or that it shouldn't be done, but I'm not sure how they're doing it. At this time, our beta test groups are small enough that it's not difficult to take a more personal approach in helping with the reverting process, so we go that route. Also, as an alternative, it wouldn't be difficult at all to simply create an account for beta testing and keep the main account with mSecure 5 signed in to it. In that scenario, however, the data in mSecure 6 would not be able to sync with the data in mSecure 5, because that will never be possible. You would simply be maintaining two different sets of data in that case.

You mentioned not be totally impressed with the Mac beta version. I would welcome your feedback on what you thought was missing or not working as you think it should. Some things can be changed, and others can't, but the feedback is good not only for current but also for future development. Also, I know you came from 1Password, and comparisons with that app are certainly justified and helpful, but we aren't always able to nor do we always want mSecure to follow the features they implement.

Also, thank you very much for being as vocal as you have been in the beta testing Thomas! It's always so good to hear what customers think of the app.


I will answer in an email to support instead, since I think my eventual misunderstandings can be because of a language barrier.

But shortly:

1. I never got the v6 beta to work as supposed on my Mac (see above). Every time I clicked "all" or whatever, it still was stuck on "recent". THAT is why I am not totally impressed, compared with v 5. The iOS version works fine though.

2. I tried to solve it by deleting the app, but then I couldn't reinstall it due to there was no way to download again through Testflight. So at the moment I am unable to beta test it any more. 

3. I think your comment about me coming from 1Password I don't really understand. What is the point with that comment? I have never said anywhere to my knowledge that I want you to put in any of their features. If I wanted a 1Password clone I would just stay at 1Password. 

As for the rest I'll take it in a mail. 

OK, so I managed to download a new copy of mSecure Beta, and now the issue with it's being stuck at "RECENTS" is solved. So it must have been a corrupt app. So point 1 and 2 are solved.

The thing in point 3 you have explained in a mail, and I understand that as an excuse, and it is accepted.

Question: When will mSecure 6 move out of beta? Since my wife also needs access, and I would like to be able to move from 1Password ASAP.

Or do you recommend that I downgrade to v 5 for now?

Or-as you mentioned before: shall I use two versions, and then maybe change the login for the beta and install v5 on my admin-mail? Or can I use another email address without having to buy v5 once again?

As I wrote in my mail I think mSecure is promising enough so I think it is my first alternative when leaving 1PW.

If you can use another tester I volunteer, otherwise I’ll be downloading as soon as it’s out,

I am excited about the upcoming release, but I want to be honest when I say this to you. 

All of the other high-end apps, like Fantastical, and OmniFocus, when they moved to a subscription model, they embraced constant innovation and updates to their apps.  I am hoping the same for Msecure. you will definitely get me to subscribe once, but the second time will be based on your innovation. I am not trying to be rude, so please do not take any offense, it is not intended. I am just trying to be forthright. 

@Colin Thank you for your post! One of the reasons we're changing over to subscriptions is to be able to release more features in regular intervals. If you haven't had a chance to take a look at our roadmap from the upcoming year, you can find it here:

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