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Migration from Password Plus - New user needs guidance (All issues should be fixed in in the MS Store now)

Here I go, headfirst into a big task.  Any guidance will be appreciated by me and others. Feel free to make this a separate topic for those in migration.

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@Donald I think you're saying you're waiting for the new version from Windows, but I'm not entirely sure. If you're needing something other than the new version to be published to the Windows Store, let me know.

Only a few of my PP registers were imported!

About 10%! What should I do?

Hi, I plant to do the migration on a pc and oce correct syncing with my iOS devices. So yes I need to know when the MS store has the newest version.

Thx! Don


@Everyone I wanted to give you a quick update on the Passwords Plus import issue. I just published to the Microsoft Store, so it should be available in the store over the next couple of hours. And if you are visiting this post later, simply look for any build greater than To get new updates, if you have the Store app open on your computer, go ahead and close it and wait for about 10 seconds. Next, open the Store app, click the Library icon near the bottom of the thin left column, then click "Get updates" in the top right. If you don't see it the first time, what for about a half hour and then try again. It will be available for download sometime throughout the day.

One thing to mention, before you do the import of your Passwords Plus data again, be sure to select all of the data currently in mSecure and delete it. After it's deleted, click "Deleted Items" in the left column, select all of the records again and permanently delete them. This will get you started from a clean slate when you go through the import process again.

Hi Mike, Thanks for your coaching on the migration to Password Plus! My entries imported well and now I need guidance to create and parcel it out the entries to the "Category" that matches in the old PP. I had full sharing for all entries but corralled in one for me, one for my business partner and one for our common business entries. How do I create the equivalent of these Categories and assign them to these new Category equivalents? I hope my aim is clear, if not please shoot me a question. 

Best regards, Don M

PS, congrats on a quick revamp of the PP import process!

@Donald No problem at all, and I'm relieved for everyone who made the move and experienced the import issue at first. We never want our customers to have those types of experiences, but we hope we can fix them quickly to avoid further inconvenience. Thank you so much for your patience and feedback!

I'm not exactly sure what you're needing to do here when you talk about corralling your Categories into one account. I think you want to use cross-account sharing to only share common business entries with your business partner. Doing it this way you would each be able to have private data stored in mSecure, but you would also be able create a shared vault in which you can place records to share with your partner. Am I understanding you correctly?

Thanks Neil, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I was able to get my passwords moved without any trouble after seeing the pictures you sent.  Thanks for taking the time to help out.

Hi Mike, I think I got ahead of myself, having spent more time with the app I might have answered my question. Give me more time to work with it. I do have a question about syncing my several devices through your cloud service. Is the syncing automatic between devices? next question - How do I pay for the subscription, I’m still on the free trial?

Regards, Don m

@Donald Please take all the time you need! I'll be here to help anytime it's needed. For the syncing, everything is automated, and for the mSecure Cloud, we use push notifications, so the syncing is pretty fast when changes are made. In order to pay for a license, you would have access to the Passwords Plus discount. Do you still have access to the email DataViz sent out to their customers letting you know Passwords Plus support was ending? I believe that email has the link you need to get access to the discount. You simply click the link, and it will take you to a page on their site. It has two links on the page that load the purchase page on our site. If you need help with this part of the process, go ahead and sent an email to "" and then let me know here that you sent it. As soon as I see it in our system, I'll respond to the email.

Hi Mike, all is good, subscribed for a year with the nice discount.

Regards Donm

Take care Donald, and let me know if you need further assistance using mSecure.

Mike - is there any way you can change the original post to say that the import issues are now fixed? I only read down to the description about editing the CSV file and started editing it before I decided to read the rest of the posts and found out that I had wasted my time! (Thanks for doing the fixes).

@David That was a good idea. I updated the title, and I marked one of my newer answers as the best answer for the problem. Hopefully that helps.

That's great Mike thanks

No problem at all @David. Take care!

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