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Multi account in one app

 Hello. There is a very lack of function so that in one application you can select several (at least two) different accounts. That is, launch the application on a mobile or computer, and enter "password1" - you get access to "database1", enter "password2" - you will have access to "database2"

Like a hidden container as it was in TrueCrypt. Store main password in secondary base.

I believe you're asking for the ability to move from one account to another in the mSecure app. Is that correct? A use case for this would be having a personal mSecure account and an account for your work. You don't want to have the data for both of those contexts stored in the same account, but you also don't want to have to reset mSecure each time you need access to one or the other data sets. Am I understanding you correctly?

Hello. Sorry for the long answer (long weekend). Yes, about what you wrote about. The meaning is similar.

No problem at all...hope the weekend was a good one =)  I have added this as a feature request for future releasees of mSecure 6. For some reason, we don't get many people at all asking for this feature, but it does come up from time to time. It's on our feature list, so our development team now has it on their radar.

 Thank you!

I second the TNT's comment/request.   I've been using mSecure for 10 years and have multiple databases.  On my Windows PC, I use the mSecure 3 app "select database" feature to swap between databases.  Unfortunately, the Mac version of the mSecure 3 app doesn't have the "select database" feature, so I launch the app by double-clicking the desired mSecure database file.

After installing the trial mSecure 5 app, I've discovered that it's seemingly impossible to have multiple mSecure 5 databases.  Looks like I'll have to trash the mSecure 5 app and continue using the older app versions on my computers and devices until the multi-database capability is restored to the Mac/PC versions of mSecure 5+.

@Russ In mSecure 6, which will be released soon, we currently don't have plans to add account switching into the app. Instead, in v6, you'll be able to share data between different accounts. So if you have a work computer signed in to a work mSecure account, you can share data from that account with a different account, so you always have access to all of the data in both accounts. If that's not something that works for your situation, can you explain in some detail why you need to be able to open more than one account in one mSecure app?

 Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.  In response to your question:

As described in my previous post, I have  multiple mSecure 3 "database" files that are routinely used, and the mSecure 3 version for Windows allows access to different databases from within the application using the "Open Database" item located in the "File" drop-down menu.  This is a simple operation in the mSecure 3 Windows app, only requiring entry of the password for the database before allowing access.

An example of why multiple databases:

A "master" database contains personal information in addition to commonly needed web login credentials, etc.  For security reasons,  a separate "slimmed down" database with a different access password contains only web login credentials, etc. that others are allowed to access.  This is a simple to use and secure capability of the mSecure 3 Windows/Mac applications that is apparently not provided by the mSecure 5 version.

Thank you for the extra information @Russ. mSecure 5 doesn't and will not have any data sharing capabilities. The only way to share data is by sharing an account, which doesn't work in many circumstances. However, v6 will take care of the situation you outlined in a different way, because it won't support multiple databases either. The way you would do it in mSecure 6 is to have one master account, presumably your account that has all of the data in it. Then all of the people you would need to share data with would need an mSecure account as well. After they have their account set up, then you can connect the different accounts and share only the data you need to share using the new Vaults feature.

Hi Mike, thanks again for your reply.

Per your description of anticipated mSecure 6 capabilities, in order to mimic the mSecure 3 Windows/Mac multi-database capabilities with mSecure 6, I would need to:

  1)  Create a separate mSecure account for others to access

  2)  Designate the shared web account credentials with the new mSecure 6 "Vaults feature", which provides the separate account with access to the "Vault" items from my account's database

If my interpretation of your mSecure 6 description is correct, it seems that the new application's capability should satisfy my need, though possibly more cumbersome to operate than with the mSecure 3 computer applications.

I'll continue using mSecure 3/4 on my devices until the new mSecure 6 is released.

No problem at all Russ! I think you've got how the sharing feature will work in mSecure. To hopefully clarify how it will work just a bit, you will be able to connect your account to any number of other mSecure accounts. For example, your spouse may have an mSecure account, and maybe you have a couple of children with accounts as well. All of your family's accounts can be connected to share data. Once they are connected, you can then set up different vaults for sharing different sets of data. You might set up an "Entertainment" vault that has all of the credentials to your online media accounts like Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV+. After that vault is set up, you can add all of the accounts to it, select what type of access they will have to the data stored in it, then start adding records to the vault. Only the data in that vault will sync over to their accounts. Next, you could set up a "Bills" vault and only add your spouse's account to it, since your children may not need to have access to those credentials. After you add records to the vault, they would only sync over to your spouse's account.

It will be a really nice feature, and something we have been excited to add to the app for a long, long time. We can't wait to get into the hands of our customers soon.

Thanks Mike for the clarification.  I will be letting my trail copy of mSecure 5 lapse in anticipation of the new mSecure 6 release.  Hopefully that happens before mSecure 4 becomes incompatible with iOS updates.

Hola Mike!

Yo compré la app (mSecure 5) desde mi teléfono móvil (iPhone). Pero deseo manejarla también desde mi computador (Mac). Para esto, ¿debo comprar la app para cada uno?. 

Cuando  entro a la página de mSecure desde el computador para iniciar sesión en la app,  me redirecciona a  Mac App Store, pero  no me aparece en la nube, si no que me pide que la compre otra vez.

Hola Gloria,

Te he respondido en el otro hilo que has creado. Mantendremos nuestra correspondencia en ese hilo en adelante.

Excited to learn about this new enhancement for version 6. I manage the finances etc for my 80 year old father, my 96 year old mother-in-law. Currently I have to use an old MacBook to access my Dads MSecure v5 to help him with passwords and keep these up to date for him. He doesn’t need access to all my passwords just his that I maintain for him. As the population ages, you would be surprised how difficult it is to maintain all the passwords for a senior who keeps forgetting. They often use the same pw for everything which is so problematic given the environment we now live in. Happy to learn MSecure has figured this out albeit I’m not happy about moving to a subscription model. I do get the why’s - IT resources are expensive and companies have to have a steady stream of cash flow to support the organization. Hopefully it will be a manageable price point.

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