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Allow editing/changing of record Types

It seems to be the case that every element/field of every record can be edited except "Type." Can this be changed so that this element/field can also be edited (perhaps through a pull down menu like used for "Group." As it stands now, if you decide sometime after you create a record as a "Login" (for example) you decide that it makes more sense for it to be an "Email Account" you have to delete the entire record and start all over.

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I had an email exchange with m7 support and confirmed that changing the type is no longer supported (it was supported in v4).  The recommend solution is 1) Re-create the record with the new type or 2)  export your records to CSV , change the type, and import them, then remove the duplicates you just created.

I'd like to second the feeling mentioned here, I also use Record Types extensively. I see in V 5.5 that Record Types can be edited. In my version trial of 5.5  In my database of 1040 records, I have 47 Record Types in 6 Groups

Now, since that's the case, why can't the type templates be fully manipulated as they were just like records - duplicated and revised for further editing flexibility? I'd like to keep a closed bank account in a type of account instead of adding *CLOSED* to an description name. This would allow me to keep them and selectively show delete or hide them. Also handy way to delete them (show only one type, then delete all the records). 

Don't understand. In my version of mSecure 5.5, for both MacOS and iOS the type of records are viewable, editable as a group, not for individual records. The records can be edited but the record type doesn't seem to be changeable once set to a particular item. It should be!  


All versions of mSecure 5 allow you to change or edit the record types. On Windows, go to the settings and select "Edit Types" to do this.


You can achieve the same thing by simply having a single Bank Account record type, but using two separate groups to distinguish between the two. Having Bank Accounts in an Opened and(or) Closed group would allow you to easily view, hide, or delete them by selecting the Group you'd like to use.

@MikeKatcher - this is a good example of why changing types wouldn't work very well -if you create something as a Login type your fields would be set to Website/Username/Password/Email - if you convert to Email type then the fields become Username/Password/Incoming Mail Server/Outgoing Mail Server/Outgoing Port Number/POP3 Host/SMTP Host - what happens to the existing data in your Login type record?

I don’t see this as much of a problem. Any fields from the old record (type) would be put in the respective fields of the new record types. In the example you present, the data in fields 2 and 3 from the pre change record are put, respectively, in fields 1 and 2 of the post change record. Fields 1 and 4, for which there are no respective fields in the new record are either ignored (worst option, but better than nothing), placed in unmarked “user specified” fields to be renamed by the user, or, if the software people are good enough, put in new fields and labeled properly in the new record. Any of these 3 options is better than deleting the old record entirely and then creating a new record and reentering ALL of the data.

Don't make it too hard, or we'll never get an update.  In version4 it was simple - When you changed a record's type,  field 1 went to field 1, field 2 to field 2, etc...   Then you just move the data to the proper field.   Quick and easy.  Much easier than creating a new record, copying each field over then deleting the old record. 

Likewise, under MacOS version, after you are logged in,  it's under the Menu Bar - mSecure 5>Preferences (buttons in the new window)>Types.

Henry - You've misunderstood the problem.  We're not trying to add or edit a type (as you've described).  We are trying to change the type of an individual record after it was created.  For example, change the type of an unassigned recored to a login type.

How do you have an unassigned record type - or do I misunderstand your point?

Start with mSecure4.  Create a record of type unassigned ( or 100 records if you have been using it for 2 years), then buy mSecure5 and transfer your data.  Now you have to go in and individually create a new record for every unassigned record.  Very painful.  If you really had that many to change, and  if you still have your mSecure4, you go change them in that tool, then retransfer to mSecure 5.  But if you have deleted your mSecure4,  it is less painful (still not easy) to export to CSV, change them and reimport.  In mSecure4, you could change the record type on the record edit screen.  

But you are right - if you start with mSecure5, it will not let you create a new unassigned record.  But for you, try this .... create a record of type CreditCard.  Now change your mind and switch it to type BankAccount - no can do.    Now imagine you had 100 of those to change and you will start to understand the frustration that many of us have.


I think this is a good work around. I set up a Group called Closed/Old/Seldom used for some of my 1100 entries. Seems to be handy for me.

@Rick McGrath 

I understand now. The work around described by @Eden was not to try. Group those types together by changing that. Depending on the direction of what you want to do with the record, it would seem to make some sense. So why would you want to change the type in the first place (of existing records)? 

In my case, can't speak to yours, I had been changing the record types merely to get them grouped together. Groups fits that requirement- simply moving all the old records (entries) to a combining group. 

If updating the type field with newer specific fields OTOH, I used to (in mSecure 3) add a field at the end for new data which didn't change the other field uses. That is still an option. 

When I migrated my 1200+ records from mSecure 3.x (Mac Version), had 300 in the Unassigned group - many from previous migrations. I went through them all, moving them to different groups multiples at a time (which, for some reason, proved to be a quirky selection process), deleting many old unneeded entries (many from 2009 and earlier), noting that many would need further editing because the field names had considerably changed over the years' multiple iterations of field names. Guessing that yours will need similar attention. 

First of all, let me comment about the Forum design. On my browser at least, there is no reply to a post. It would be nice if the posts could be grouped by the tag above (@User Name) but it doesn't happen. Nor or is there a way to edit a post by the author. Kind of poor forum design. Summary of poor forum design:

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@ Rick McGrath

The Unassigned on my conversion was in a Group, the Unassigned Group. Hence you can either:

  1. Fix up the entry's category to match AND fix the entry itself to work in the layout type used. 
  2. Move the entry to a similar or new Category, fixing the type as needed. 
  3. Figure out what it was about your entry that caused it to go into the Unassigned category in the first place (in my case it was most often that there was no standard category by the same name as the standard set and some new Category names didn't import). I just went back and compared- there were 319 in an Unassigned Group in my 1209 entries of all Types and Groups. All those already Unassigned Group of entries came over the same way. I had none in an Unassigned Type category.  
  4. My previous version, BTW, was mSecure 3.5.7 (see screenshot). 

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