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Reset my lost mSecure 4.5.4 password?

How do I reset my lost mSecure 4.5.4 password?

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us. Just to be sure, can you let me know which mSecure app you are using? Since you're in this thread, I assume you are running the old mSecure app, but I have to be sure.

Also, can you provide more information about what is happening? Were you using any type of biometric feature to unlock mSecure with your fingerprint or facial recognition? What type of device are you using? Also, do you happen to have access to your information in the mSecure app running on any other device?

hello, I have 2 iPhone with Face ID and able to open mSecure. They are the same account, but do not synch together. I don't know the password anymore, but can use the app on both phones. I also have a MacBook, with mSecure on it, and I have the password for login in on MacBook. How can I be able to synch between the three devices?  when I push on MacBook synch I get the message: The password in the remote sync file doesn't match your Cloud Password. 

Please help me.

Hi Ronald,

I know what's happening here, so we'll be able to get it fixed. Before we go any further, however, I need to make sure I know which version of mSecure you are running on each your devices. You can find the version number for mSecure on your iOS devices by opening the app, and then by tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner. After the menu slides in, tap Settings, then scroll down and tap About mSecure. On Mac, simply open mSecure, and then click "mSecure > About mSecure" in the top left of your screen. After I have those version numbers, I'll help with getting the apps to start syncing.

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