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Troubleshooting articles to help you with common mSecure issues.

How does the mSecure free trial work?

mSecure offers new users a free one-month trial. To start your free trial, download the mSecure app on your favorite device and create an mSecure account.

Invalid QR Code?

There are several reasons why a QR code or account key can return as invalid. Here are a few possible reasons and possible solutions. Here are the main issues that can cause an account key or QR code to return as invalid: The QR code was meant for a different […]


Learn how to migrate your previous mSecure information into the new mSecure.

mSecure Backup and Restore

Learn everything you need to know about mSecure backups, like how to create and restore from them and where they are located.

Purchased mSecure 5 but account is showing trial mode?

mSecure is now a free download from the app stores that will run in trial mode for 30 days. For paid users, you simply need to sign in to the app using the email and password you set when you preordered or purchased an mSecure 5 license. mSecure 5 does […]

Re-Send Authentication Email

mSecure will send you an authentication email when you first sign in to your mSecure account or create an mSecure account in mSecure 5. However, you can always access your mSecure account key/QR code or resend yourself the authentication email. In order to be able to view your QR code […]

Setup mSecure

Learn how to create an mSecure account, and set up the apps.

Switch Accounts on Mac

Did you sign in to the wrong mSecure account or recently performed an account reset? Use this guide to learn how to sign in to a different account in mSecure 5 for Mac or sign back in to the same account after an account reset.

Windows Store App Issues

If you are having issues downloading mSecure 5 on Windows, please use this guide for common troubleshooting fixes for the Windows Store App.